SHB own the first double decker buggy transportation Lorries in the UK

Buggy bus-Cut out picture copy.jpg

Buggy bus-Cut out picture copy.jpg

We are delighted to announce that GolfBuggyHire are the proud owners of the first two storey Buggy Buses in the country.

The four double decker buses will be vital during the summer months in helping us transfer our exclusive range of over 1,000 golf buggies and ATVs to various shows and events. Our talented team of in-house fabricators were able to expertly modify each bus so they could carry almost 20 buggies at any one time. This was accomplished by the fabricators adding an additional layer to each of the original single storey buses.

Carrying up to 20 buggies at once will result in a considerable reduction in transport costs for customers as well as  lessening our carbon footprint through delivery.

Make sure to keep an eye out for one of the buggy buses coming to a town near you.


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