Utility Vehicles

Our wide range of utility vehicles are perfect for moving all types and sizes of loads. The Workhorse ST400 is a firm favourite of festival and event organisers year after year.

vehicles available with rear cargo areas measuring from as short as 0.85m long through to 2.2m long.  

  • 2-seat-tipper-buggy.jpg Street Legal Electric Car Club Carryall 6 LSV

    Our Carryall utility vehicles help you move those ever-growing lists of tasks from the to-do list to the job-well-done list. Although you may have 1,000 jobs, you need only one Carryall to help you complete them all. Fuel is not a renewable resource. It's becoming more scarce, and its rising costs continually reduce profitability. But you still have to get the work done. All-electric vehicles are the solution.

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